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About Us
About Us
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Our winemaking adventure started as a hobby, a passion for wine, and a curiosity about the art of winemaking.

Our mentors said, “Don't leave your
day jobs!” Today,
however, we are
totally consumed
by the rhythms
of the business.

   Under Terry's leadership
we are providing a full
palate of reds and whites.

We are honored by the
support of friends and
neighbors who can often
be seen pitching in to
get the job done.
owners: Anne & Terry Harrison

, our winemaker,
oversees each step in the process
from selecting the fruit to bottling.

Her family has been in the wine business
in the Mosel region of Germany for over
over 400 years. Anke studied viticulture
and enology at Geisenheim Institute and
has made wine in the Yakima Valley since 1990.
The Wine:
We do both red
varietals and red blends.

We think the time
and effort we put
into formulating
these wines will be
worth the effort and
manifest itself in
nose and mouth.
Our whites are dry,
clean and crisp varietals that express the essence of their heritage.

We are all dedicated to producing ”“quality wine at an affordable price”
plus we provide an enjoyable
tasting experience at our
winery on the hill.

Enjoy the nice view
and great picnic grounds.
You will generally be greeted by Dixie, our winery dog, and escorted by her to the tasting room.
Dixie is now joined by Grigio, our gray Tabby Cat.
The Winery and Dixie

Knight Hill Winery | 5330 Lombard Loop Rd | Zillah, WA 98953

Open 11-5 Daily, President's Day weekend thru November. December til President's Day weekend by appointment.

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